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Chat series

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we set up regular online 'chats' to bring people together in dialogue and shared experience. We now meet monthly on the last Wednesday of the month (4-5pm BST/GMT) and invite guest facilitators to lead discussions on 'hot' topics. We have no aim but to have an interesting chat!

Who are the chats for?

Join us as an academic, practitioner, artist, arts/play manager or administrator, policymaker and/or interested community member. Each week we will have a few overarching questions to start the conversation and create space for dialogue and ideas for action. Bring your lunch or a nice big cuppa as we come together in community.

Next meeting

Our next chat will take place on Wednesday 26 June 4-5pm BST. We are absolutely delighted that the session will be facilitated by Jimmy Turner (Binks Hub, University of Edinburgh), Geraldine Montgomerie (University of Leeds), and Pat Scrutton (Intergenerational National Network). Jimmy, Geraldine, and Pat invite you to think with your hands in this chat, asking: How can we better know our worlds through manual making?

The in-the-moment benefits for health and wellbeing of engaging in manual craft and artistic practices are pretty well recognised, but less frequently explored is the notion that what we make through handwork is a material expression of knowledge. Both the act of making with our hands and the fruits of our manual labour therefore remain, in academia, under-researched and under-appreciated. In this session we want to explore with you some of the ways that your handwork has increased your knowledge of the worlds you live in, and if you would like to do some making during the session you are very welcome indeed!

Please note that for this session, we invite you to bring paper, pens, pencils and/or other creative materials to engage more deeply with the session.

Sign up below to attend. 

How to join

Sign up to attend via entering your email here.

We are an international community and welcome people from all over the world to join us. 

Please note that if you have joined one of our chats before or sign up ahead of the day, we will send you the joining details the day before the session (Tuesday). If you are new to the list, we will email you the details before the start time of the session (circa. 3.30pm). 

Want to know more?

Why not read a blog about one of our online sessions by visiting the Arts Health Early Career Research Network website here, or read our journal article in Frontiers in Psychology here.

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